Sendero Carlsbad Gathering System, Processing Plant, and NGL Pipeline

The Sendero Carlsbad Gathering and Processing System began operations in the fourth quarter of 2017 and is serving several producers in the Northern Delaware Basin in Eddy County, New Mexico.  The current services provided by Sendero include low pressure gas gathering, field compression, gas dehydration, and delivery of high pressure gas to the Sendero Carlsbad Gas Processing Plant.  The Carlsbad system includes over 50 miles of gas pipelines ranging in diameter from 8” to 12”.    

The Sendero Team has extensive experience constructing and operating natural gas processing plants.  In January 2017, Sendero commenced construction of the Carlsbad system near Carlsbad, New Mexico in the heart of the Northern Delaware Basin.  The Sendero Carlsbad Processing Plant is a 130 million cubic feet per day “MMcf/d” cryogenic gas processing plant that provides highly efficient processing of liquids-rich, natural gas production from the Wolfcamp, Bone Springs, and numerous other stacked shale pay zones in the basin.  The plant began operations in the fourth quarter of 2017. The plantwas designed to provide for ultra-high recovery of NGL’s from customers’ rich natural gas production along with the flexibility to reject desired quantities of ethane.  Residue gas will be delivered into at least two downstream natural gas pipelines.  During ethane rejection, the plant can maintain very high recoveries of Propane and heavier NGL’s.

Sendero has also completed construction of the Sendero Carlsbad NGL Pipeline to deliver NGL’s from the Plant to connections with long-haul NGL pipelines that access the largest US Fractionation and Marketing hub in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  Capacity of the NGL pipeline will be sufficient to accommodate Sendero’s initial 130 MMcf/d plant, a 200 MMcf/d expansion, and NGL’s from other processors in the area. 

Sendero is in discussions with numerous producers in the Customer Service Area shown on the map that will support additional capital investment to expand and extend the gathering system, processing plant and construct facilities for related services including oil and water gathering and produced water disposal.